QuickNet 1.0.0

Manage passwords more easily in IE


  • Removes the need to keep filling in passwords
  • Stores passwords securely


  • Doesn't work with every site or form
  • Could be vulnerable to security breaches

Not bad

One of the hardest things to remember as you sign up for services and sites is your username and password. QuickNet is designed to help IE users get round this problem with a simple add-on.

Somr passwords, like the one used to access your PC, are immensely important and if lost, could cause you nightmares. However, many of the passwords we use everyday are simply for registrations and of no real importance. If you could have just one password and could fill out registration pages in a single click, life would be a lot easier. This is where QuickNet steps in by allowing you to manage passwords, user data and logins in a few clicks. In short, your digital identity, or should we say your digital identities, are all brought under one roof. The plugin is safe and easy to use and will ensure that you never forget any password ever again. The program stores passwords and automatically fills in text fields with the appropriate information, generates passwords and encrypts your personal data with powerful algorithms. It also offers you improved navigation via your mouse to execute tasks, commands etc.

A super little plugin although unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work with every registration form, especially those that feature Java.

QuickNet is the top-rated add-on for Internet Explorer, which includes a lot of features and tweaks to make your IE friendlier, more useful, secure and customizable when it comes to passwords.

Change the way that you use Internet Explorer today and make sure you never lose another password again!



QuickNet 1.0.0

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